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Nimbus Social provides valuable data on every single customer who uses your WiFi. We offer a simple solution for your customers to access guest WiFi via their social media accounts. This gives you a great way of collecting data and setting your business up to target your customers with powerful marketing.

Monetize free WiFi to your customers

Build and strengthen customer loyalty

Safe & secure WiFi access for your customers

Establish powerful marketing campaigns to increase revenue

Promote your business on social media


Seamless login process through social media accounts to increase Likes and Follows

Deliver Content

Target customers with special offers or upsell activity

Collect Data

An efficient means of building up your customer database in a safe, secure and legal manner


Understand your customers with advanced social wifi analytics that are presented in easy to interpret reports


Attract return customers by running personalised marketing campaigns

Our clients

Increase social reach, exponentially expand your customer database, personalise your marketing message, encourage return visits and stimulate spending leading to immediate return on your investment

Return on
Supported with

Our software already works with all leading WiFi equipment manufacturers.